Freshwater Mollusk Links (mainly bivalves)
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Mollusc Bibliography Database  searchable unionid bibliography at INHS.
Unio Listserver maintained by Rick Tankersley
Unionid researchers- directory maintained by Kevin Cummings 
Natureserve- species list of North American Unionoids
Alabama Molluscs- by Deborah Wills
Aquatic molluscs of North Dakota by Alan M. Cvancara.
Conservation Fisheries Newsletter
The clams of drought by Fred Schueler
Endangered species lists- USFWS
Field Guide to the Freshwater Snails of Florida by Fred G. Thompson.
Field Guide to Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest by Cummings and Mayer
Freshwater Mollusc Conservation Society  FMCS
Freshwater Molluscan Shells by Martin Kohl.  Diverse, enthusiastic site.
Freshwater Mussel Biology- by Tom Watters, maintained at the COA site. 
Freshwater Mussel Genera of the World by Kevin Cummings
Freshwater Mussels of Kansas Register of taxa, by Mark Eberle
Freshwater mussels- a neglected and declining resource.  Article by Williams & Neves
Freshwater mussels of the Maumee Drainage  very nice pdf guidebook
Fun with freshwater mussels for elementary teachers and students, by Christine O'Brien
Guide to Missouri Molluscs by Larry Watrous- great photos.
Harvesting the River: historical video clips of mussel harvest- Illinois State Museum
Kansas Pearly Mussel Newsline edited by Brian Obermeyer and Ed Miller
Kansas Unionids by Jim Mason, Great Plains Nature Center.
Man and Mollusc by Avril Bourquin. 
Missouri Molluscs Articles at MDC
Molluscan Pictures from Singapore
Mussel Research Group at Iowa State
"Mussels, clams produce river pearls" info on pearl button and cultured pearl industries
The Mussel Project follow the amazing malacological adventures of Dan & Kevin
North American Native Fishes Association- native mussels depend on native fishes!
North Carolina Atlas of Freshwater Mussels and Endangered Fish
Ohio State University- Division of Molluscs  Mussel host database and other great resources
Perfect Pearl - informative Nova site
Pearls Exhibit at American Museum of Natural History  the virtual version.
Questions about mussels- by Renee Sherman Mulcrone
Sipsey River unionid pictures - W.H. McCullagh et al.
Sydenham River Watershed Aquatic Species at Risk
The decline of freshwater mussels in Illinois by Kevin Cummings and Christine Mayer

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